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Added: v1.59
zoom exclamation alert caution error search warning icon stroke outline
<svg xmlns="" class="icon icon-tabler icon-tabler-zoom-exclamation" width="24" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24" stroke-width="" stroke="currentColor" fill="none" stroke-linecap="round" stroke-linejoin="round">
   <path stroke="none" d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"></path>
   <circle cx="10" cy="10" r="7"></circle>
   <path d="M21 21l-6 -6"></path>
   <path d="M10 13v.01"></path>
   <path d="M10 7v3"></path>
<svg xmlns="" className="icon icon-tabler icon-tabler-zoom-exclamation" width={24} height={24} viewBox="0 0 24 24" strokeWidth="" stroke="currentColor" fill="none" strokeLinecap="round" strokeLinejoin="round">
   <path stroke="none" d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"></path>
   <circle cx={10} cy={10} r={7}></circle>
   <path d="M21 21l-6 -6"></path>
   <path d="M10 13v.01"></path>
   <path d="M10 7v3"></path>

Data URI:

data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns='' class='icon icon-tabler icon-tabler-zoom-exclamation' width='24' height='24' viewBox='0 0 24 24' stroke-width='' stroke='currentColor' fill='none' stroke-linecap='round' stroke-linejoin='round'%3E%3Cpath stroke='none' d='M0 0h24v24H0z' fill='none'/%3E%3Ccircle cx='10' cy='10' r='7' /%3E%3Cpath d='M21 21l-6 -6' /%3E%3Cpath d='M10 13v.01' /%3E%3Cpath d='M10 7v3' /%3E%3C/svg%3E

Base64 Data URI:

Install @tabler/icons:

Import icon:

import { IconZoomExclamation } from '@tabler/icons';

Stylesheet url:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Usage in HTML:

<i class="ti ti-zoom-exclamation"></i>

Usage in CSS:

SCSS file:

@import 'node_modules/@tabler/icons/iconfont/tabler-icons.scss';

Usage in SCSS:

Icon demo


She looks like one.

The nose? Burn her! Now, look here, my good man. Burn her anyway!
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Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm being repressed!